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21 - 27 Nov 2022

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21. - 27. 11. 2022


Art & Tech Conference

24. 11. 2022



to alter , to make radically different , to put fresh clothes on

Webster’s Dictionary of English

Current rapid technological advancements and wild card events (COVID, war, energy crises) are having profound political, economic and social implications. We are questioning our values. Terms like collective resilience, or posthuman are starting to shape our everyday existence. As we are collectively transiting to new realms of possibilities, we should ask ourselves:  


How human behavior is affected and triggered by technology, art, and design?


During Art & Tech Days 2022, our guests will spice up that general dilemma: 

Can we project the human mind to robots to understand human conflicts?  (Benayoun) 

How technology changes art object to art subject? (Honzik) 

How can technology serve the evolution of the people and systems around them? (Trotto) 

How can it unlock our ever-expanding capacities and help us live a life of meaningful impact?  (Littlefield)  

How does technology affect values, and influence the communities? (Maraj) 

How should we interact and engage in our lives and our communities? (Paskova)  

How can we transform current practices into sustainable ones? (Lang) 


For change we call upon to be successful, we have to break down the behavior, examine the consequences, simplify the process, prepare for roadblocks. We have to appreciate the path, understand the outcome, and map our success. 

It is about being in-between transformation and change It is about not to fear change, but to depend on it. 

At this year’s Art & Tech Days we’ll explore the potential of technology, the horizons of arts and capacities of cultural and creative sectors for sustainable innovation Understanding drivers of change and their interplay means to be able to anticipate attitudes, engage with current and future technologies, build scenarios, and foresee constraints. 



- Albert Einstein -



This year's Art & Tech Conference will...


How can data feed the artistic work? How c...

Multimedial performance

Rozi Mákó & Nano vjs & sedemminut ...


Data paintings that turn the invisible pat...


American writer and futurist Alvin Toffler...

Show program



Rozi Mákó/HU

Nano vjs/SK

Pau Saiz Soler/ES

Faiza Kracheni/US

Ivana Durkáčová/SK

Junichi Oguro/JP

Refik Anadol/TR

Mišo Hudák/SK

Lucian Rodriguez Arredondo/MX

Nikola Ivanov/CZ

Fero Király/SK

Beáta Kolbašovská/SK

Ezra Šimek/DE


Katie Ledger/UK

Ambra Trotto/SE

Martin Honzik/AT

Vik Maraj/CA

Lisa Lang/DE

Maurice Benayoun/FR

Lucia Pašková/SK


Art & Tech Days 2022: Change.

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Art & Tech Days is a unique festival that combines art with technology

Zygmunt Bauman named the state in which contemporary society finds itself as liquid modernity – a complex reality where relationships are defined by constant change.

Recent years have brought us a series of changes we could hardly have imagined. Historical precedents were forgotten, and decades of progress did not teach us how to face the negative course of events. Two years of the pandemic were replaced by the war on European soil framed by the energy crisis, culture wars or hardly managed climate change. The VUCA world, where the speed of change, uncertainty and level of complexity is unparalleled, has simply become our reality.

Despite this, we live in the best possible world known in history. The rate of progress, technological advancements, health and social care, have never been better. Mobility, accessibility and openness are still strong engines for development. To reverse the negative course of events, it is essential to grasp change and deal with it as a necessity. Successful leaders will be the one who understands that change is indeed a constant part of us and the one that has developed the culture and mechanisms to grasp it. Resilience does not mean that we will resist the change, but that we can handle it in such a way that it leads to a positive outcome at any moment of reality.


It is essential to be able to reflect the change, in which art and science offer an infinite number of perspectives. At the same time, design and technologies create tools and means to manage and address change. We need to understand where we as individuals are in all this and how we can change not only the world around us but, more importantly, how we can change ourselves for the better towards empathy, tolerance and compassion.

We chose the theme Change for the Art&Tech Days 2022 festival because we see how rapidly our everyday reality changes under the influence of fundamental events. Together with international experts, artists and designers, we will search for answers on how culture, design and technology can contribute to understanding the world and its positive change. We believe that creativity, empathy and the meaningful use of technology are part of such a process.

Welcome to the Art & Tech 2022 Conference.


Košice - UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts

The organizer, Creative Industry Košice, responds to this prestigious title with the Art & Tech Days festival.

- Michal Hladký, director of Creative Industry Košice